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Storslattoya Resort is located on the island Storslattoya, which is connected to Krakvag. Krakvag have a bridge connection to the neighboring island Storfosna, where you can shop or send youre post.

At Storslattoya it lives six people in two families. At Krakvag it lives about 30 people. And there are lots of holidayhouses on the island Krakvag, the population increases during holidays.                                                                                 

Storslattoya The island itself is small, but big in terms of its glory, summer and winter. In the summer the island is rich on people, who enjoy sun, sea, boating, fishing, nature and wildlife experiences. At Storslattoya you can experience, among other things, birds, eagles, porpoises, seals, otters and whales.

During the winter, that's when you can experience the natural forces that surround us. It is not uncommon with seaweed and other remnants from the sea that comes flying on rooftops. Things there have not been stored indoors or tied well together, it is found most likely not show again. But on the other hand, winter can also be fine, just to see the waves that extend several feet in the harsh wind, then down hard on the rocks., it is a powerful experience.

The island has also a rich bird life like eagles and eiders. Not uncommon to see animal experiences either, there is a big otter activity in the north of Storslattoya. If you are silent, you can see them, even around the houses, where they are lurking around looking for food.

When it comes to fishing around Storslattoya, the possibilty are many. The most common varieties of fish are cod, pollack, pollock, halibut, salamon and haddock. But you also get lumph, redfish, ling, monkfish, catfish, flounder and many other varieties. You can fish from a boat or standing on land. In the shore, there is also lots of wildlife, in our northern shore we have a mussel belt that is in many square feets. An impressive sight. According to Ramsar, Krakvagsvaet is a very large food supplier for the rich breeding, resting and wintering area for seabirds and migratory birds. Today there is only 37 key areas such as Ramsar Convention protection. Krakvagsvaet is the second largest of the four sub-areas in the Ramsar wetland area in the Orland system. So these are areas we take very good care of, and hope our guests do the same.